Diamanté T-Shirt Bundle

Diamanté T-Shirt Bundle

Diamanté T-Shirt Bundle

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This bundle contains the web store-exclusive bone with mint splatter variant of the Diamanté vinyl EP, Diamanté wall flag, Diamanté tee, and both Diamanté lapel pins.


The New 10" EP Diamanté, now available in a Web Store Exclusive Bone & Mint Variant limited to 500 copies!


  1. Amid Ethics
  2. Despondent at High Noon


  1. Point of Demarkation

“How do you weaponize the insatiable thirst for life among vultures? How do you deprogram the coroner dissecting hiatus? What light beckons you from the sewers of suggestion? Is your instinct extinct ? Or does it hide in the flash burn of counterfeit automatons? 5 boys with guilty slingshots swaying to the Midwitch Sound. Blinded by the DIAMANTÉ.”

Produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and mixed by Johann Scheerer, the EP was recorded at Clouds Hill Studio in Hamburg, Germany in the summer of 2017.